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PostSubject: Adminitration   Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:20 am

he Nature of your Request ((SAMP,Forum,Teamspeak)): Forum
Type of Request (Account Issue,Name Change request,Permission request,Awards):* Account Issue Only fill this option in if this deal with an in-game request: I just want Administrator Date of Incident:*10/11/1997 Ig Name : Ricky_Wood
Age : 18 years old
Level : 1
Timezone: NA
Why would you like to become a Administrator?: I would like to become a Administrator because I have always enjoyed helping players and responding to their varying questions on the [/newb] chat. I know all i can know about the server and would thus love t spread this knowledge through the answering of questions on your server. In all honesty I would not mind if I were not selected as I would still be able to reply to questions on [/newb]. I know I would be unable to answer as many questions but as long as I have the opportunity to help I will feel satisfied. I trust that you make the right choice.

Why should we choose you and not other applicant?: Well you should choose me because i am well educated of all rules of the server, i have played it from the day it opened first and i returned even after it was down for so long. I was in many positions in the past server and now I want to start from the bottom once more. I enjoy helping players. However in all honesty the decision for you to hire me should be left entirely to you, I trust that you are able to make a good decision that will benefit your server. So I believe that you will analyze this application and come to a beneficial decision to your server.

Do you have Teamspeak3?: Yes

Do you have a mic?: Yes
Do you agree if you do not stay active for at least 2 weeks, you will get removed without notice ? : Yes

Player (Ricky_Wood)
i like You all
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